Summer Sun and State-Sponsored Stipends in Malta

First it was digital nomads. Now will “state-sponsored stipends” become part of the mainstream global lexicon?

As we have discussed at length, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected employers and employees across the world. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, governments have implemented measures to address the economic impact of the pandemic, including job retention schemes and promoting remote work. Last year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the governments of Barbados and Estonia took a dynamic approach to changes in the workplace and introduced digital nomad visas that allow individuals to live in those countries while they work for foreign employers.

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UAE Looks to Increase Women Board Membership and Representation

In an effort to empower Emirati women and to encourage them to play a greater role as board members of listed companies, the United Arab Emirates’ Securities and Commodities Authority (“SCA”) has required all UAE listed companies to have at least one female board director.

Although it is reported that women sit on the boards of 28 of the 110 (26%) listed companies in the UAE, women only hold 3.5% of all board positions. As such, this new SCA requirement seeks to increase female representation at the highest levels of listed companies. Previously, the SCA set a target for companies to achieve 20% female representation on their boards and required those companies that fail to attain this level to explain the reasons for any shortfall.

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