Planning to Hire Foreign Nationals in the U.K. in 2021? Apply for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

Recent U.K. government statements have confirmed what many have suspected for some time: the post-January 2021 immigration system will be predicated on a reworked version of the Tier 2 sponsorship route. In the first episode of our new Faegre Drinker Immigration Law Podcast, we take a close look at the Tier 2 sponsorship application process and explain why U.K. employers planning to hire foreign nationals in 2021 should apply for a Sponsor Licence before the immigration system changes take effect.

In this episode, Faegre Drinker’s Hodon Anastasi provides a high-level overview of the following issues related to the Tier 2 sponsorship application:

  • Eligibility criteria. What evidence should employers be prepared to submit to the government in order to become an eligible Tier 2 sponsor?
  • Suitability criteria. What organisational capabilities must an employer demonstrate to meet Tier 2 sponsorship standards?
  • Sponsorship duties. What information regarding sponsored workers should a Tier 2 sponsor be prepared to report to the government? What recordkeeping duties accompany the sponsorship?
  • Compliance visits. What can sponsors expect from Home Office compliance visits — the principal method by which the Home Office can assess suitability criteria?
  • Timing. Why should companies apply for a sponsorship as soon as possible? What about companies that already have a sponsor licence?

The Faegre Drinker Immigration Law Podcast is a podcast all about immigration and only about immigration. Each episode will tackle a timely topic in immigration law, with the aim of making these complicated and often misunderstood issues less daunting, more accessible, and maybe even a little fun. Tune in for future episodes on the latest news, developments and challenges in the world of immigration law — and thank you for listening!