San Francisco’s Retail Workers Bill of Rights Has Passed: Are you ready?

Posted on December 19th, by Editor in Counseling & Compliance Training. Comments Off on San Francisco’s Retail Workers Bill of Rights Has Passed: Are you ready?

By Mark Terman and Pascal Benyamini

Operative July 3, 2015, companies located in San Francisco who are “Formula Retail Establishments”  must comply with additional wage and hour requirements under the Retail Workers Bill of Rights (a combination of two ordinances, Ordinance 236-14 and Ordinance 241-14), the country’s first-ever such legislation.

Supporters claim that this new law is intended to improve life for retail employees which, according to some accounts, include more than 40,000 workers at 1,250 locations in the City of San Francisco.  In passing the bill, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors found that Formula Retail Establishments are a major employment base and stated that the City has a strong interest in ensuring that jobs at these establishments allow employees to meet their basic needs and achieve economic security.  An overview of this onerous and extensive legislation follows.

Formula Retail Establishments

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