Elimination of Vacation and Sick Day Accruals. Can that be Legal?

Posted on November 18th, by Editor in Counseling & Compliance Training. No Comments

By Mark Terman

According to a November 17, 2014 article in LAobserved.com highlighted by the Los Angeles Business Journal, exempt non-union Los Angeles Times employees as of January 1, 2015 will no longer be able to accrue vacation days, sick days or floating holidays.  Instead, a new Discretionary Time-Off policy will reportedly allow those employees time off, “subject to their professional judgment and to the performance expectations of their supervisor that apply to their job.”  In theory, says the article, an employee can take more time off than under an accrual system, but Times’ employees are wary.

From some who caught this story, we have been asked if this kind of policy is legal. Well, in short, it can be.

Private employers generally do not have to provide paid vacation, sick or holidays under California Law.  Those benefits are so customary that many think … Read More »

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